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A great place to train and develop your career in teaching – Kate Pretzell, Assistant Headteacher

The Totteridge Academy is a tight-knit, welcoming community where teachers are mutually-supportive, have a strong work-ethic, are highly collaborative and open-minded and, above all, love to work with young people

We subscribe to the principle of ‘kaizen’ here at TTA: we believe that nobody ever ‘arrives’ and that we are all on a journey of continuous improvement. Every member of staff strives to be better every single day and this message is openly communicated to our students

The Totteridge academy is a highly diverse community: we celebrate each and every student’s individuality. The staff and student body is a highly tolerant and open one, and visitors are immediately struck by the warmth and energy of our wonderful pupils

A central tenet of our teaching and learning philosophy here at TTA is that every teacher should be autonomous and given the independence and scope to make the right decisions for their own classes and students. We place a great deal of trust in our staff as the experts in their own subject

The Totteridge Academy was nominated for ‘Maths Team of the Year’ at the TES Awards in 2018; we also have a silver-award-winning member of staff for the ‘Pearson Teacher of the Year’; we were nominated for two school awards in the borough of Barnet too

The head teacher, Chris Fairbairn, takes a keen interest in the development of all teachers and plays an active role in the recruitment and training of our trainees.

We provide specialist in-house training for teacher trainees each week at TTA.

We provide wrap-around support for our trainees; mentors take their role very seriously and work in close collaboration with heads of department and heads of year to ensure that trainees are given the greatest opportunity to succeed in the classroom

You will be part of a huge, collaborative network of schools through United Learning.

We offer graduates the opportunity to work with us on placement as a specialised learning support assistant and co-tutor for up to a year before deciding to embark on teacher training: ‘The Totteridge Academy Teaching Fellowship’.

United Teaching – train while you teach and launch your career in teaching

United Teaching is a scheme run by United Learning that offers the opportunity for you to train to be teacher. This pathway enable you to get the teaching qualifications without delaying the start of your career. You can train for Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) on it’s own, or you can go for a PGCE as well, earning 60 Masters-level credits along the way.

By training with United Teaching you will:

  • Be able to achieve the professional qualifications necessary for a career in teaching.
  • Be part of profession-leading training led by outstanding schools, with sessions delivered by national educationalists.
  • Received individual support and mentoring from our teachers of excellence.
  • Have the opportunity to gain a wide range of experience with your choice of primary or secondary schools.
  • Have access to continuous professional development beyond your initial teacher training.
  • Enjoy a structured pathway throughout your career at United Learning.

“I found the United Teaching programme challenging but extremely rewarding. The programme fully prepared me for my NQT year, so I felt ready to start. This programme is unique as you are in the classroom a lot more than other courses, meaning that you have more hands on experience, which develops you faster to become a teacher.”

“The mentoring and coaching I received throughout the whole year was extremely helpful; it challenged me to progress as a teacher. I would highly recommend this course to any future trainee teacher who wants to feel confident for their NQT year and onwards.”

A Teacher from Day One

On our ITT scheme you could be teaching, with a reduced timetable, from day one. You could even join your school before September to work as a teaching assistant and gain more experience. By accessing our collective expertise and support, you’ll have the resources you need to teach yourself. So expect to be a valued member of your teaching team, empowered to lead your own classes from day one, but with the support you need from our network.

Onwards and Upwards

Here, teacher training is a path to a long-term career, with the potential for rapid promotion to middle and senior leadership roles in our schools, or a Group-spanning position. Within just a couple of years, some of our trainees have gone on to become heads of year or faculty. Training doesn’t end with your QTS, either. Once you’ve joined a United Learning school, you can expect a structured pathway of continuous professional development, through the United Learning Institute.

Outstanding Schools – First Rate Facilities – Expert Trainers

With the right partners in place, training is definitely better shared. United Teaching is the first national School Centred Initial Teacher Training Programme (SCITT). It’s a status that reflects the proven quality of our national training programme, enables us to award trainees with QTS directly, whether or not you also decide to take a PGCE.  At the heart of this programme – and our success – is our lead school, Paddington Academy. It is an outstanding state secondary school serving the Westminster community, that enjoys a national reputation for excellence. In the last five years Paddington has consistently ranked in the top ten schools nationwide, for student progress between primary school and the end of Key Stage Four (GCSEs).

Paddington is also a National Support school. The teaching staff who train at Paddington are the very best classroom practitioners. Primary training is led by Hanwell Fields Community School and Guildford High School, and the teaching schools in The United Learning Teaching Schools Alliance. Paddington Academy believes that there should be no barriers to learning. Every child should be cherished, and challenged to achieve their very best, in a stimulating and positive environment. In the same way, we believe that with the right training and development, teachers on our course will become some of the best practitioners this country has to offer.

So we are proud to offer a teaching conference centre, and the very best trainers in the country. Technology matters, so we also make use of excellent videoconferencing resources, so that all our people can share expertise regularly, and easily. We ensure trainees take away a shared belief in excellence, and the relentless tenacity that it takes to deliver it.