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My UK Teaching Adventure  by Diana Letra

I always knew I wanted to go but when??

I didn’t’ go away for university and decided to stay in my hometown, so I knew when I completed my degree, I would look into going abroad.

Fast forward to my completion of teacher’s college, getting hired by a school board and starting the journey of supply teaching. My illusions of getting a job right away were quickly put into check and I did not see a permanent teaching position on the horizon.

Now was my time to go!!! I asked for a leave of absence and off I went. As I was preparing to leave I found out that an old classmate from teachers college was already in the UK. She had an extra room available in her flat, it was fate!

I lived in East London and started supply teaching right away, what an adventure that was. Waking up every morning at 6am and waiting for my work call, where would I go today? Chingford, Dagenham, Leytonstone?

Not long after I secured a long-term placement at a high-school in Ilford and had one of the best teaching experiences of my life. Still to this day it is probably unmatched. I had the best staff, the best support and even though the students were sometimes pretty tough it taught me so much about myself and my teaching style. It was my formation into teaching and I will forever be indebted to the staff at this school. I was only there for a short awhile but it was absolutely fabulous.

I was so happy that I decided to teach in the UK.  When I returned to Canada, I still had my supply job, which eventually turned into LTOs and then a permanent position. I didn’t feel like I missed out by not getting a Canadian teaching position right away. I figured if I needed to get experience I might as well do it in an amazing city across the pond.

If you are interested in teaching abroad please send me an email and I would be happy to help as I am actively recruiting Canadian teachers for full-time positions in the UK.

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