Julie Hearn-SEN teacher of science

“TeacherHub have been very important to me because they have given me the opportunity to start my career in the UK.

I registered with them in end of October and with in few days later Katie Leng offered  me the long term position in an outstanding secondary school, hopefully which can be turned into a permanent  position! I did not expect them to find me a job in such a short period of time, but she did. I am so grateful to Katie Leng, my consultant, who has always done her best to make me feel happy with my job.  I feel so lucky that Katie Leng is my consultant, she is outstanding  what everyone wants in a new country, someone there to listen to your concerns and help resolve them, someone who looks out for you matching your interests, experience and ability to the right school . I wish her well with her promotion and believe this lady has far to go .

I recommend TeacherHub for everyone who is looking for a job vacancy within education, particularly Katie Leng .”

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