Jennifer Okoduwa – Graduate Teacher

Arriving in the United Kingdom and searching for a teaching role, was a daunting task. Every call I made, and every application I submitted, was the same story, ‘you don’t have a QTS’, ‘I’m afraid I can’t take you up because you’re an unqualified teacher,’… without showing any willingness to listen and, see what I have to offer. The very frustrating part was that, I am an overseas trained teacher with a Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Education.

With these feedback, I was beginning to have a second thought until, I had a conversation with TeacherHub on an application I submitted. That conversation brought hope, inspiration, enthusiasm, and encouragement, I have never been so inspired ever since I started my teaching ‘pursuit’ in the UK.  For me, this was the ‘turning point!’

Then, I began the process, which took almost 3 months, and I was never alone! TeacherHub followed up all the way, I received counselling and advice on how to go about ‘things’, TeacherHub showed and demonstrated care, service, guidance… throughout the period. Today, I am happy to say I am able to secure a teaching role in a choice school, not just teaching but also, an admission to study in the University of Hertfordshire, for one year, with all expenses paid!

My word of advice:

Are you looking for a teaching role? TeacherHub is the place to go. There you will receive all the support you need to excel in your teaching career: guidance, professional development, service etc.

Have you experienced objections or words like, ‘I am afraid you can’t be considered’? Visit TeacherHub! TeacherHub is where you find inspiration: no words of discouragement. TeacherHub believe in people, they are willing to listen to hear what you have to offer, and they are dedicated and committed to making sure you get to your goal.

I will recommend TeacherHub, anytime, anywhere, even in my dreams! Thank you for your service, thank you for making me realise my dream. I will always be your Ambassador!

Jennifer Okoduwa

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