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Neville Coles

Neville Coles
Executive Principal

Priory Community School

PCSA is an ‘outstanding’ academy in Worle, a suburb of Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset for ages 11 to 16.

OFSTED rated Priory ‘outstanding’ in all categories in November 2014.

GCSE Results 2015 – 70% 5AC with English and maths – maths 81% and English 88% – (32% A and A*). In 2014 that figure was 72% 5AC with English and maths – a really consistent 5 year trend – 69/70/75/72/70.

PCSA is a happy school where students feel valued, cared for and supported. Small class sizes and exceptional teaching and staff are also fundamental components of its success.

Worle Community School – An Academy

Worle Community School is a coeducational foundation secondary school located in Worle, a suburb of Weston-super-Mare in North Somerset for ages 11 to 16. There are currently 1,490 students at the school.

Worle Community School was founded in 1850 located at Spring Hill, which is now the present site of St Martin’s C of E Junior School. In 1971, it moved to Redwing Drive where its present location is. It became the first school in the county of Somerset to be purposely built as a Comprehensive School and also became one of the first schools in the former Avon county as an Investor in People. In 2002, the school was renamed to Worle Community School in relation to its service to the community of the village of Worle.

St Anne’s Church Academy

‘What ever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Begin it now.’

Our school vision is that all members of the school community are encouraged to ‘Learn to Love…and to Love to Learn’. We encourage and develop this through our Learning without Limits approach to education. Through this everyone is encouraged to challenge themselves in their learning and make the choices that are right for them in their stage of their educational journey.

We believe that every child is ‘intelligent and extraordinary’ and that as Kurt Hahn says ‘There is more in every person than you might expect.’ Our role as educators is to create the optimum environment for everyone to be inspired to learn both now and in the future. Our children are the adults of the future and we want to work with them to help create an even better world for future generations.

Lisa Dadds
Head Teacher

Castle Batch Community Primary School

We aim for all our children to be happy and confident in school and we believe, with the right opportunities, a dedicated staff, an exciting curriculum, a caring environment and with parental support, all children can strive towards achieving their potential during their primary years.

We are a caring, inclusive school. We value the contributions and achievements of all members of our school community. We have the highest expectations of our pupils, both academically and in their conduct. Tolerance, understanding and respect for others are fostered throughout the school, and this is reflected in the excellent behaviour of our children. Through careful planning and appropriate strategies we endeavour to meet the individual needs of every pupil in our school.

We are very fortunate to have lovely grounds, with a spacious school field attached to the school and various outside areas which are used by all children to enhance their curriculum learning.

We consider ourselves to be a true community school, serving the children and families of Worle. Pupils and staff are very proud of our school, and we would be very pleased to show you around.

Victoria Dupras