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Our Graduate Training Programmes

We have a proactive strategy to recruit and train good Graduates as part of our overall recruitment strategeis to ensure we are bring the right teaching talent to our school to support our aspirations.

We operate 2 programmes currently- School Direct and TES Global.

About School Direct

This is an employment-based route for high quality graduates.  You’ll earn a salary while you train towards your QTS recommendation, and won’t need to pay any tuition fees. While the majority of School Direct training programmes lead to a PGCE qualification, not all do. Where this is an option, there may be an additional cost required for completion of the PGCE – if gaining master’s credits is important to you, check with your training provider before applying, to confirm exactly what is included on your chosen training programme.

If you decide to apply for a School Direct (salaried) training programme, one of your references must be from an employer. If you’re self-employed and unable to provide a reference from a former employer, your referee should be someone who knows you from work, who can comment on your work and suitability for teaching.

Students who opt for a School Direct (salaried) training programme are employed by a school as an unqualified teacher while they learn on the job. In some cases, this may be a school the student is already working at, or has an existing relationship with.

This route is available for both primary and secondary teaching, and is run by individual schools or a group of schools. These providers work closely with a university or school-centred initial teacher training (SCITT) consortium, which is able to certify successful trainees.

The amount you earn will be dependent on the school you train in and the subject you’re teaching.


Remember, tax-free bursaries and scholarships are available in some subjects on both school-led and university-led courses . On a School Direct (salaried) course, you’ll be paid and taxed as an unqualified teacher, so you should compare the bursary rate for your chosen subject with the salary on offer via School Direct (salaried) to work out which route would be best for your circumstances.

Funding your training

To find out more about access to funding here is a useful link…


Kate Di Gregorio (Teacher of English)

Having completed my English Literature degree as a mature student in 2012 after 15 years in Recruitment and Training, I began the School Direct Training Programme at Hertswood and completed the course achieving an ‘Outstanding’ grading and NQT in 2014.Throughout the course and my subsequent NQT year, I felt wonderfully supported by professional, honest and friendly co-workers. The school is an extremely cohesive community in which more experienced colleagues work tirelessly to ensure trainee teachers feel supported, valued and encouraged. Now in my fifth year at Hertswood, I have mentored a trainee teacher myself- she passed with an ‘Outstanding’ award too – and continue to develop my own classroom practice. Choosing Hertswood was undoubtedly one of my best decisions.

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